Sunday, 8 June 2014


I came across a little book that I had written a few bits in earlier today. I had written a few lists of things I want to do less of and more of and other things. Some bits got me thinking too.

Some things in life confuse me, well a lot of things in life confuse me to be honest. I often post or repost inspirational quotes on my Facebook page and quite often those quotes mention Blame. Stop blaming others, stop blaming yourself etc. Now, sometimes you have to blame. I mean the child that's the victim of child abuse or the woman/girl that's been raped or the animal that has been abused are never to blame but their abusers are. Right? So, what about the wife/husband that's the victim of domestic abuse? Is she/he to blame or is the abuser to blame? Should she/he have stopped the abuse or should the abuser not have abused. Actually, I'm talking about a special form of abuse. The Passive Aggressive Abuser. So, in reality it's not that obvious that you're being abused. It's not like a punch or verbal abuse, it's very sneaky and underhand, like dripping water it erodes your self esteem, your self worth etc. and has you believing everything is your fault. In fact you're told everything is your fault and even though you know it's not you start to believe it. You question yourself constantly, you even think you're going a tad crazy. So does the abused blame herself/himself or do you blame the abuser? Or, with the passive/aggressive abuser, which is also classed as a form of mental illness, albeit a mild sort, is there no blame/fault at all? Is the abuser aware of what they're doing?

Also, if you're married to somebody, do you not try to be a good spouse? Do you put up with stuff because you're married and you want that marriage to work or should you do as you would if it was another person and tell them to take a hike?

If anybody has any insights or thoughts on this I'd love to know.

And, on a lighter note, here's a picture for you.

Toodlepip for now. xx


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