Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Further intentions

OK, so not gotten much further with my life's intentions from my last post but I have sorted out just about all of the people I need to legally notify about my name change including my passport. I was going to leave that until it ran out but apparently you can't as it can be misconstrued as you trying to be fraudulent so I've had to change that too. I am on the housing list now for Shropshire. Just waiting to hear about the decision, which I believe takes a few weeks. Fingers crossed I get to go home.

I've been down to Rochester in Kent to spend a few days with my youngest son. I confess, I hadn't seen him for 4 or 5 years and that is bad of me. Was lovely to catch up with him again and also have a mooch around Rochester again. Although I lived in the Medway towns for many years and frequently went to Rochester I had never been in the cathedral before, so I had a mooch around there too. Lovely building, apparently the second oldest in the UK. Canterbury is older so I'm told.

Rochester Cathedral

I also found a gorgeous shop called The Vintage Dove in Rainham shopping precinct. I wanted everything but refrained except for a pot of chalk paint and clear wax, oh! And a little scented bag thingy. It's a gorgeous shabby chic type shop full of gorgeous scrumminess. Good job I don't live there anymore or I could get into serious trouble.

I can't think of anymore news at the mo so I'll say toodlepip for now.

Take care.

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