Saturday, 26 April 2014


Just lately I haven't been as positive as I should be. I've been dwelling on some negative thoughts instead of the positive ones. I'll admit being on my own is scary. I've been looking at places to rent and a huge majority don't accept pets. I have dog. He's my constant companion and friend. He's also for life so getting rid of him just isn't an option for me.

I am a firm believer that positive thoughts attract positive energies and things into your life. So, I am going to take a leaf out of my own book and think POSITIVE!

I am going to start listing my personal life intentions to try and keep me positive and in the right frame of mind. I might post photos of things I like or love. It doesn't mean I want them but they are shared to help me stay focussed on my dreams, hopes, thoughts and goals. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

My goals and intentions.

1. A place to live of my own with a garden.

This will do for a start.
A Rose Covered Stone Path...solitude, a good book, and a tall glass of lemonade over ice.  A lovely summer afternoon!
The Garden
We've just seen this picture has been previously pinned to a board called Garden Decorations - we can't imagine why...
The Gardener
OK, so that's a place to live, complete with garden and gardener. Pop back soon for the next stage of my life's intentions, goals, wishes, thoughts and dreams.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Remembering me!

Well, I think I'm getting worse at posting on my blog not better. I apologise.

Anyway, I'm still here and still at my eldest son's house. Whilst I admit I am getting better I'm still having some very down days.

Since I left home at 17 I have always been somebody wife, girlfriend or mother. There has always been a 'significant other/s' in my life. Now I am totally alone and on my own and it's not, for me, a very pleasant experience. I know I can do things just for me etc., but everything seems a bit pointless on my own. A cup of tea in a café on your own isn't the same as a cup of tea with a friend to put the world to rights. I'm not after sympathy, I'm not playing the victim nor am I being negative, I'm just stating how I feel and recognising that. I will have to work on me. Living for me and doing things just for me. I have forgotten who I am so I will now have to try and remember who I am. Do "I" still exist?

Breathe. Original photograph taken by Cliff Soden

I created the above picture as part of a challenge. The brief was to create a piece of a place, real or imagined, where we can go to truly BREATHE. A cold, frosty morning is one place I can go to be alone with me and truly breathe. Original photo taken by my friend, who is not only a fab photographer but and excellent bass player. Cliff Soden. Some of the other elements are from Anna Aspnes.

Anyway, the days are now getting longer and spring is finally here. The promise of new life, new beginnings and happier days.

I have bought myself a new-to-me car. A little Honda Jazz. She is just so nippy and much more economical than my old Astra. The Astra served me well and moved around the countryside with me.

I have also treated myself to a new PC and monitor for my creative art. A bigger monitor really does help.

My creative mojo seems to have come back and I've been doing some nice digital art. Two of my pieces have been accepted into an art gallery in America. I am very pleased about that.

I bought a second hand Canon EOS 450d DSLR. This is a huge learning curve from a bridge or compact camera so I'm having lots of fun trying to get to grips with that. Now the weather is better I'm hoping to get out more and take some nice if not stunning photos.

Signing off for now. toodle pip.
Joy x


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