Sunday, 12 May 2013

Life on a Caravan Park

Back in February my life took a very sudden and rather unexpected turn. My husband was basically given the sack, although he hadn’t done anything wrong. The farmer he was working for decided he couldn’t afford to keep him so just told him to leave. He was actually in breach of his contract, as he, the farmer, was supposed to give two months notice. This didn’t happen and we ended up moving out with nowhere to go to.

We were lucky that Ian's parents have spare room in their house so we were able to go there short term. Ian managed to get a job (which he is trialling for three months to see if the farmer and Ian get on before we commit) not far from where we used to live. But, there was no house with the job so whilst the farmer is buying a house close to the farm we have had to move into our touring caravan until the house is available. It is quite difficult living in one room all the time and I’m just grateful we have a large awning to store some stuff in.

All our furniture and belongings are in storage up in Morecambe, some bits are at Ian's parents’ house and some with us in the caravan.

We have been here two and a bit months now. We moved in on the second March 2013. It hasn’t been without its ups and downs, the weather early on was very cold and I’m very grateful the the caravan has central heating so I’ve never been cold. The site does have a laundry room so I’ve been able to wash our clothes. there is a lovely shower block too.

The site is actually part of a farm and has two resident barn owls which are active all day. It’s a real pleasure to watch them. There are also hares, lapwings and even a cute little hedgehog. There are plenty of birds, greenfinches, bluetits, a longtailed tit, chaffinches, ducks, pigeons, blackbirds and crows. Plus a few I can’t identify. I have been very conscious of the seasons change here. Maybe because I am really stuck in a field.

I don’t have internet access here so I’m very limited updating my blog amongst other things but I will post when I can.


Our belongings all packed up ready to move from Cuil Dairy and go into storage. I seem to spend my life packing and unpacking boxes.

The move from Scotland to Lancashire (and I'll count the move from Scotland to Cumbria/Lancashire as one move), but the move from the caravan to the house and getting all our stuff from storage into the house as a separate move, will bring the total number of times I have moved in the last eight and a half years up to 12. I have told Ian that should he want to move again unless it is into our own home at Preesall, he is on his own. I will not move with him, it’s getting all too much.


Croap Queen said...

Stick to your guns missus x

Jack Kelly said...

Where is the caravan park. Im looking for a residential caravan park to live on long term. Do you know of any places south of hampshire in the uk. Winchester, southampton area

Joy said...

Hi Jack, this caravan park is in Lancashire, not far from Blackpool. I'm sorry, I don't know of any down south at all. Good luck though.


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