Monday, 11 February 2013

One more sleep

Caravan has now gone and now just Ian and John to come back with the van in the morning to fetch the rest of our belongings. Apparently we’ll have a very nice view from the caravan across the Moss.

I did a page with some images of Cairnholy which we went to visit last year, It was misty and wet but somehow it seemed right. Hope you like it?


Next update from England. Bye for now. x

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Two More Sleeps

Well, there are two more sleeps until we finally move out of this house. Our stay in Scotland has been very bittersweet indeed. I have made some lovely friends, met some nice people, seen some lovely places and also met a couple of complete twonks. Unfortunately it was the twonks who had the ability to actually ruin our lives.

So, what are we doing and where are we going? Well, short term all our belongings apart from essentials like my sewing machine and quilting supplies etc., are going into storage. We will stay for a few days at Ian’s parents’ house and then, as Ian has three months work we’ll stay in our caravan. Actually, he has a permanent job if he wants it but he’s elected to do a three month trial to make sure the farmer he’s going to work for isn’t a twonk as well. At least if he gives it a trial run and he doesn’t get on with or like the farmer I don’t have to pack again as it’s already done. But hopefully, it will be OK as it’s in an area where we own a house (tenants in situ) and are closer to family and friends.

We are moving back to the Fylde Coast, not far from Blackpool and whilst Blackpool isn’t my fave place I do love the surrounding area. Mind you Blackpool has some characters and if you’re into people watching it’s a great place to go and watch. Smile

I shall use the time to think about what I want to do with my life. It needs decluttering and streamlining. I’d like to progress on my spiritual journey a bit more. I need to finish a lot of UFOs and just generally cut back on the crafts I do. I just don’t have the space for all of them. I have waaaaaaaay too much fabric and other crafty bits. I’d like to do more digital scrapbooking. That is very satisfying and doesn’t require loads of physical supplies and space. Just a good digital backup device. I also find it helps to put certain feelings down.


I have some random photos that I've taken of Scotland so I’ll upload those later.

I may get time to update this blog before we move but if not I’ll catch you all when we are across ‘The Border’.

Toodlepip all. xxx


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