Friday, 18 January 2013

On the Move Again!

Well folks, I know I mentioned that hubby wasn’t happy in the job he has at the moment. We only moved here at the end of last August so that makes that 4 1/2 months. Well, OH and Boss had a row on Wednesday. OH has to work a month’s notice but then we are out of here. Now where we’re going to I have no idea, our accommodation comes with the job. I am packing like mad and it’s possible that our belongings may have to go into storage so I shall have to pack slightly differently as I shall need to know exactly where everything that might be essential is. I can’t actually start letting any of the utility companies or banks etc. know our new address because we don’t yet have one. We may just end up in our caravan until we get sorted out with a place to live.

I shall have to work out a way to keep sewing though. Maybe some English paper piecing or stitcheries or something. I could even crochet something.

I guess I should be upset, angry, crying etc and I’ll confess yesterday I was, I didn’t cry but did feel like it. But today I am happy, bought a new CD with songs to sing along to and feel very upbeat. I was dancing and singing like a bad audition for the X Factor but as nobody can hear me except my poor dog I don’t care. Singing is good, positive energy for the soul.

I have done a lot of praying and asking the angels for help and guidance and I think finally they are hearing me. 

Also today I got my monthly quilt magazine to read in bed tonight.

I don’t have any snowy pics to share with you as we don’t have any up here in our part of Scotland. I feel cheated to be honest. Scotland in my mind = snow. I’ll find a pic from another winter just to share. I love snow. I love the way it turns the landscape into something magical.


OK, so this isn’t actually snow it’s a very heavy hoar frost when we lived in Shropshire about 2 years ago.

Off to listen to some Country and Western music on TV so catch you all later.

Angel Blessings xx

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Croap Queen said...

It may well be all for the best. Happy Singing :-)


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