Sunday, 27 January 2013

Another week.

Well, not much has happened this last week on the job front for Ian but I’ve nearly done all the packing ready to move. Well, as much as is practical anyway. Lots of positive vibes going out so hopefully positive stuff will come back.

A Red Tailed Kite flew over our house yesterday which was awesome. I’m actually not good at identifying birds of prey but the Red Kite has a very distinct shaped tail so easy to identify in flight.

I went to see Zena today, the chicken that got attacked by the farm dogs. She now has a nice new growth of feathers on her back and new tail feathers. Still a wee bit scruffy looking but she’s so relaxed and even has a rather grand looking fella chasing her.

Zena and friend

Some of her feathers are a lovely shade of pink and that’s from the antiseptic spray used on her back. She is very content. The lady who is looking after her rescues ex battery hens and she rescued 80 last Monday. They are in a very sorry state but seem to be enjoying their freedom. They will all be rehomed eventually.

I have been quite naughty and digi scrapped some photos I took of Rhiannon last year when I was looking after them when Robert and Anne moved house.

Rhi and cameraweb

I spent the day at Mavis' house in the garden with the grandkids. Now, I like to take photos of flowers and scenery so Rhi went and fetched her little camera and started copying me. She even made the little clicking sounds as if she was really taking a photo. I wanted to scrap those photos as a group. Sassy little mare isn't she? Moments like this are priceless.

I’ll have to try and scrap some of Zacyman but he doesn’t stay still long enough for a good photo.

We did have snow here, only about an inch but I believe that was quite rare for this part of Scotland so I was pleased. I even built a little snowman.

Must go and pack a few more boxes. Catch you later. xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Galloway Forest Park

Today Ian and myself decided to go for a drive out. I think we both needed to be away from the farm today so we headed for the snow covered hills just north of the Galloway Forest Park.

Now there wasn’t actually that much snow about, everywhere looked like it had had a sprinkling of icing sugar to be honest but it was still pretty.

The Galloway Forest Park is quite unique here in the UK as it’s home to one of the world’s few Dark Skies Parks. Read all about it here Galloway Forest Park.

On our way up there we were lucky enough to see two Red Kites circling above us. That was lovely to see. We had no real destination so just drove where we fancied but we did come across a Red Deer range so we walked up to the hide to see if we could see any. I was lucky enough to see a deer but wasn’t sure if it was a Red deer, Roe or Fallow deer. He/she was quite away away but I did get a blurry image.

Here are a couple of pictures of our trip out.


The white bits on the water are ice.





Frozen waterfall.

Friday, 18 January 2013

On the Move Again!

Well folks, I know I mentioned that hubby wasn’t happy in the job he has at the moment. We only moved here at the end of last August so that makes that 4 1/2 months. Well, OH and Boss had a row on Wednesday. OH has to work a month’s notice but then we are out of here. Now where we’re going to I have no idea, our accommodation comes with the job. I am packing like mad and it’s possible that our belongings may have to go into storage so I shall have to pack slightly differently as I shall need to know exactly where everything that might be essential is. I can’t actually start letting any of the utility companies or banks etc. know our new address because we don’t yet have one. We may just end up in our caravan until we get sorted out with a place to live.

I shall have to work out a way to keep sewing though. Maybe some English paper piecing or stitcheries or something. I could even crochet something.

I guess I should be upset, angry, crying etc and I’ll confess yesterday I was, I didn’t cry but did feel like it. But today I am happy, bought a new CD with songs to sing along to and feel very upbeat. I was dancing and singing like a bad audition for the X Factor but as nobody can hear me except my poor dog I don’t care. Singing is good, positive energy for the soul.

I have done a lot of praying and asking the angels for help and guidance and I think finally they are hearing me. 

Also today I got my monthly quilt magazine to read in bed tonight.

I don’t have any snowy pics to share with you as we don’t have any up here in our part of Scotland. I feel cheated to be honest. Scotland in my mind = snow. I’ll find a pic from another winter just to share. I love snow. I love the way it turns the landscape into something magical.


OK, so this isn’t actually snow it’s a very heavy hoar frost when we lived in Shropshire about 2 years ago.

Off to listen to some Country and Western music on TV so catch you all later.

Angel Blessings xx

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Happy New Year

I can’t believe Christmas, Yule has been and gone along with New Year. My birthday is the first of January and my hubby’s is on the eighth. It was his BIG FIVE O. Means he can have a subscription to a Saga magazine now. Smile

Both birthday’s were very low key but we did manage to grab five days away in our caravan, Bessie. We went down to Settle in Yorkshire, home of the famous Settle railway station. And very posh it is too.

Carlisle - Settle Railway

There weren’t any special trains running but it would have been fab to see one.

This year I have vowed to be positive. POSITIVE, no more moaning. I can change some things and some things I can’t but I am going to look at the things I can’t change in a positive light. Now I know we are going to move again but instead of looking at that as a bad thing I’m going to look at it as an adventure. Where will we end up this time? Will it be nice, will it be better, worse? We’ll see. I am no longer bothered by it. Aren’t I good? I’ve started keeping a jar, well it’s a cupcake tea pot actually, into which I am putting down all the positive things that happen on a daily basis so I can look back over the year and see how many positive things have happened.

I found an old photo that I’d taken a few years back, it’s of the cafe at the bottom of Pistyll Rhaeadr. It reminded me of a few lines of words from one of my favourite songs – Stairway to Heaven – by Led Zepplin.I decided to digiscrap it.

stairway to heaven

I am also, apart from going to be positive, going to attack my growing pile of Aliens (UFOs), do a bit more crocheting, and learn to use my camera a bit better. Actually, I forgot to mention that, I treated myself to a new camera, a Pentax X5 for my birthday.


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