Thursday, 20 December 2012

Winter Solstice Eve or the End of the World Eve

Well, today is the 20th December 2012, the day before the shortest day and according to Mayan prophecies the end of the world/cycle. What that end is I have no idea and neither does anybody else I don’t think. But it would be nice to think that this could be the end of greed, wars, animal cruelty, the raping of our planet and business without morals. We can but hope.
On a lighter note I am looking forward to the return of the light. Lighter days and hopefully a lighter frame of mind. For myself, I wish to work on finding inner peace and a way to move house more quickly and compactly. I think we’ll be moving again sometime in the New Year. This place isn’t for us.
I don’t have any particular festive pictures to share with you at the moment but maybe in the New Year I will as for the first time since I’ve known Ian he has 5 days off over Christmas. He’s never before had even Christmas day off let alone a whole five days. Soooooooo we are going to see family, not everybody unfortunately but I will get to see all the grandchildren and be there when two of them wake up on Christmas morning. Now that’s got to be better than spending Christmas Day on my own like I did last year.
I have done a few more digital scrap pages so I will share those with you instead.

This is Taylor, my eldest grandson, and was taken at the park in Portpatrick, in south west Scotland. It was taken last October 2011. I don’t have many natural looking pictures of Taylor but these are very natural looking. I wasn’t too creative with this page as I wanted to keep it simple and fun.
I did the picture below as an Oscraps Challenge to focus on the words. We weren’t allowed to use any premade word art items. I found a nice poem about swans on the internet by a gent called Ian Barker. It fit the bill perfectly.
These are the two swans that reside on the Old Mill Pond here at the farm.
Anyway folks, that’s me done for today so love, light and blessings and I'll catch you all again soon. x

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