Tuesday, 4 December 2012


My mom and stepdad had a collie dog called Bobby. He was a rescue dog really. He came in for a drink of water and never went to his former home again. He was a very faithful dog and my mom and stepdad idolised him as did I. He would always sleep on the bed with me when I stayed over.
Unfortunately he became ill very quickly and had to be put to sleep. Although it has been a few years now since he left us never a day goes by where he isn’t thought about. My mom especially, really misses him.
They have a new dog now, Friday, a brown and white Dalmatian who is a lovely dog too and is loved very much as well but I know bobby still holds a huge chunk in their hearts.
I only have one photo of Bob so I decided to do this as a digital scrap for them for Christmas. I hope they like it.

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