Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Blue Hydrangeas

Occasionally I like to take part in the Oscraps monthly challenge. I find it stretches my creativity quite a bit and it’s also interesting to see just how different all the other uploaded images are from each other given that we’re all given the same design brief.

This month we were given a layered template to play with. I used it pretty much as it was but I could have done anything I wanted with those layers. Here is my attempt.

blue hydrangeasweb

I took the pictures of the hydrangeas in a garden centre on my iPhone. I love hydrangeas especially when they are starting to die off. The colours in the flower heads are just gorgeous. These aren’t dying but they were both on the same plant. The pale blue being the newest flower.

And……. I found the lovely poem on the above picture on the internet. It’s by Gillian Clarke. I hope she doesn’t mind me using it.

I have a few pictures of a gorgeous pink one too so maybe I need to scrap those as well.

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