Thursday, 22 November 2012

Challenging Behaviour

Just lately I’ve been immersing myself in some digital scrapbooking, well not so much books as pages. I have been using a mix of Photoshop Elements 10 and Serif’s Craft Artist Professional.
I am familiar with layers, masks and blending modes but apart from that I am not overly familiar with the very powerful capabilities of these two programs.
Sooooooo I have been finding tutorials and challenges to help me get to grips with some of their features and these are what I’ve done so far.
Moss pupweb
This picture came about from an Oscraps monthly challenge whereby you had to lift another layout with the name or tag “coffee” in the title. We could either do something coffee related or not, as in my case. This is actually November's challenge no 6.
Hannah web
This is challenge no 1 where by we did a tutorial on using the “Minimum” filter. It sort of converts a photograph into a pencil sketch using layers and inversions and things. No idea how it works mind but I like the effect.
There are six challenges each month so I guess I’ve got to go and do the other 4.
Catch you all later. xx

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