Sunday, 3 June 2012


I can't believe it's been 4 months nearly since I posted anything on my blog, this isn't to say nothing has been happening just I've not known if I've been on my head or my elbow. The days just seems to go so quickly. I can't believe we're in June already.

Lots of things have been happening on the farm, I've managed to reduce the mortality rate of the calves to very few now, still not 100% success rate but certainly not like it was when I took over feeding them.

I'm still sewing like mad and making things. I am trying very hard to declutter and get myself more streamlined, well not me personally although that would be very nice but my crafty stuff etc. I've managed to move on about 100 quilty magazines to some girls at the local craft group as well as other crafty bits.

I've started doing some more digital scrap booking which i've always dabbled in but never done anything very serious with it but I'm quite chuffed with my  recent creations of which I shall show you.

The photos were taken by my son Robert and the digi papers are from Cottage Arts and Scrap Girls mostly.

I like digi scrapping as I don't have to store masses of crafty bits and it's cheaper that paper scrapping.

and now a few of my grand kiddywinks.

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Croap Queen said...

Lovely pics and very clever digi-scrapping. Well done missus xx


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