Sunday, 26 February 2012

Further Update on What I’ve been Up To!

I have been very bad at updating my blog as of late. I don’t know where the days and weeks are going to. One day just seems to roll into another and before you know it another week has gone by.

I started a new job just after Christmas feeding the calves on the farm where my OH is Herd Manager. It’s hard work but on a plus side I’ve lost nearly a stone in weight without trying.

I have been doing some sewing and have done a bit more on my wallhanging. So here’s some more pics. I want to add some beads, lots of beads and some embroidery stitches. It’s been a long time since I’ve done something out of my head, for me, that I can go OTT with. It’s very liberating!

DSCF9404 DSCF9405 DSCF9406  


The background fabric seems greyish in these photos but it really is more green.

1 comment:

Croap Queen said...

Lovely, missus. And do I take it you've had a slight accident in a beady shop then?
Jo x


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