Sunday, 2 October 2011

Move to Scotland

Now not only have I had 2 more gorgeous grandbabies this year but hubs decides he wants another job. Now the job is as a herd manager to 450 cows on a very modern farm etc., BUT it's in Scotland, which is a move of nearly 300 miles for us. It all happened very quickly and although the house itself is bigger we have no outbuildings and even worse for me NO PLAYPEN! How will I ever manage? Sob.

And to top it all I had to have our very elderly cat, Cleo, put to sleep. She would have been 25 this month so was a very good age for a cat really. Still very, very sad though. RIP Cleo.

Here are a few pics of the chaos of the last few weeks. Please feel free to feel sympathetic. Tea and cake is the best healer so if you feel like joining me for tea and cake please feel free to pop round. :-)

Packing up my Playpen, I shall really miss her.

Packing up the house.

All loaded and ready to roll. The guys came on the Monday and loaded the van, they then went back to their yard and didn't leave until the early hours of Tuesday morning. Here in the UK we were experiencing very high winds so it took them 7 hours to drive up. We left Monday as we had 2 vehicles and a caravan to take up. We were able to drive nearly all the way up but by about 10pm I'd had enough driving so we pulled over in a layby and kipped in the caravan.

The removal men arrived just after 11am and unloaded all our stuff. We went from having a nice, empty, tidy house to chaos in minutes. I am slowly getting sorted. It's like trying to fit a gallon into a pint pot never mind a quart.

Not sure if we'll ever be straight. It's a lovely area though and I'll post some pictures of the area shortly.

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Lululiz said...

You moved totally the wrong way, woman, you were meant to move SOUTH!!!! Shame I can't really say what I think on here, lol, but you well know my feelings.
It is awful that you have lost your playpen, where are you going to make your soaps now?


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