Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Green Lanes

As some of my followers are aware my Other Half is really into Green Laning and Off Roading. The off roading bit done legally at proper Pay and Play sites.

Anyway, last weekend my OH, myself and a couple of other Green Lane enthusiasts, Shane and his lovely fiancĂ©e, Louise and their little boy came with us for a recce mission to Mid Wales to check out Strata Florida, Nant y Moch, Happy Valley and Soar y Muynydd. My OH is the area rep for the L200 Owner’s Group and is running a weekend away for them.

So, here are a few photos from our weekend away. :-)

DSCF8008 DSCF7895 DSCF7898 DSCF7902 DSCF7904  DSCF7907 DSCF7916 DSCF7917 DSCF7918 DSCF7919 DSCF7920 DSCF7921 DSCF7923 DSCF7930 DSCF7933 DSCF7940

This is the River Dovey and the Aberdovey Estuary.

DSCF7944 DSCF7945 DSCF7949 DSCF7951

The photos above were taken in Happy Valley and another lane on the way there.

Photos below are Nant y Moch

DSCF7953 DSCF7954 DSCF7956 DSCF7957 DSCF7959 DSCF7969 DSCF7970 DSCF7971 DSCF7972

The pictures below are Strata Florida Abbey, we have driven past this many times but I’ve never been allowed to stop and look round it before.

DSCF7975 DSCF7976 DSCF7977 DSCF7978 DSCF7979 DSCF7981 DSCF7983 DSCF7985 DSCF7986 DSCF7987

Below, the famous ‘Bomb Hole’, Strata Florida

DSCF7989 DSCF7991 DSCF7992

Below: Soar y Mynydd

DSCF8002 DSCF8005 DSCF8007

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Croap Queen said...

Erm,and you do that for fun?
Nice pics though :-)
JJ x


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