Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Pour Ellie

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I never actually got round to making anything for my daughter for Christmas as I wasn’t actually expecting to see her and the kids until half term. But due to an emergency I did actually see them all before Christmas, I did manage to get the kids their pressies but Ells went presentles so I promised I’d make up for it and make a few things for her. Anyway, she doesn’t normally read my blog so I thought I’d share one of the things I’ve made for her with you.


I used the patterns for the alphabet from a book by Nancy Halvorsen called, strangely enough, Alphabet Garden.


Lululiz said...

Beautiful quilt, Joy, it will be treasured for many many years.

Hippy at Heart said...

Thanks Lizzie, I know she will. x


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