Sunday, 7 November 2010

Finished Items from the “Playpen.”

Well, as you may well remember a few days ago gave you a few sneaky teasy shots of a cushion I was working on. Well, I have finished it and another cushion in a different design. I think I prefer the second cushion myself but I have had some very pleasing comments about both of them from different peeps. I just hope Anne and Robert like them. :-)

DSCF7489 DSCF7554 DSCF7557 DSCF7558 DSCF7486

This picture of the cushion is taken before I sewed the binding down so in reality you can only see about 1/4” of red on the outside. The colours aren’t totally accurate on here either.

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Lululiz said...

The are both great cushions, but my favourite is the second one, the one with the yo yos. I love that yo yo panel.

Croap Queen said...

Well, that's a very busy playpen you've got there madam. Looking very good, and why wouldn't they like them? They're great.
Jo x

PS I have no idea what a yo yo is apart from ones you play with :-/


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