Saturday, 30 October 2010

New Soap Labels

I have been very lucky to have some new soap labels designed for me. Here’s a sneaky peek at them.

labels png

I have just had the finished labels delivered and will post some photos of the boxed and labelled soap soon.


Jennifer Young said...

Oh my GOOOOODDDD I just love these! I have really been considering getting boxes and proper labels made. Can you give me some guidance as to where to get good soap boxes made here in Europe? Can't wait to see the posted photos of the boxed soaps! xo Jen

Lululiz said...

The soap labels are absolutely gorgeous, very professional. Hurry up with pics of the wrapped soaps!

Croap Queen said...

Very posh missus. Lucky you. :-)

I've been asked if I can make soap for somebody - should really get my act together and think about it. Don't like the labelling/pricing process though. Bum.


TheSoapSister said...

Really nice labels! I can't wait to see them on the soap! :)

Hippy at Heart said...

Oh thank you all for the lovely comments. I think Mathew, the guy who designed them did a really fab job.

Jen, the boxes I use come from the Favour Store


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