Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A bit of this, a bit of that but none of the other

Well, it’s been way too long since I posted anything to my blog. Bad Joy. I have suitably chastised myself and am now writing this post from a corner.

Recently I made myself some bunting to hang from the front of my stall when I do a craft fair with my soaps and goodies. I have since been asked to make 5 more sets of custom bunting. What is going on? Had I gone into business making custom bunting I probably wouldn’t have got any orders. I have decided to share those I’ve done so far with you.


Choosing the fabrics for a set of two buntings. It will read Layah’s Sweetshop eventually.


I changed a couple of the green fabrics for the finished bunting as they didn’t look quite right. I had to work out the lettering on the computer for size and then these had to be traced in reverse onto a fusible web before they were applied and then sewn to the pennants. I believe the young lady who is was made for was more than pleased with it.

The next bunting has been made for a lady who makes the most delicious cakes and goes by the name of Baboushka Cupcake. She wanted a pastel, shabby chic-y type look for her bunting. This is what I designed for her.

DSCF6817   DSCF6816 DSCF6813

DSCF6819  DSCF6897DSCF6893 DSCF6896

Hayley was more than pleased with her bunting.


This is the original one I did for me. Dragonflies for my soap company Dragonfly Dawn.

I also did one for my grand daughter Hannah, picture to follow. I am also now working on another bunting for a local jewellery company called Parker Headon. As they have a gorgeous range of jewellery I have chosen multi coloured batik fabrics to make this bunting with as the colours are amazing and remind me of jewels.

I originally chose this range of fabrics but have changed it slightly.


I have gone for coloured flags with blue batik lettering which makes the wording stand out as it is to be draped in front of a black cloth. I’ll post further pics of this bunting later.

And totally nothing to do with bunting I recently found a pattern for this little bag. It is approx 4ins x 3ins (not including the handle) and is in fact a cleverly disguised lavender bag. How cute is this?

Lavender bag


Croap Queen said...

Well haven't you been busy on the quiet missus. They're all very lovely too. Clever old bat :-)
J x

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your bunting and wondered if you are still taking custom orders?

Hippy at Heart said...

Hi Lilli
yes I do still take orders for custom bunting.

You'll need to email me.

ps and thanks for the very kind comment. :-)


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