Saturday, 24 April 2010

Radio Star – Clare Ashford

I have been using Twitter a fair bit recently and one of my Twitter followers is the lovely, fabulous BBC Radio Shropshire DJ Clare Ashford. Well before I actually knew who Clare was and what she did I asked her if she’d like to feed the calves on the farm as she is on a mission to do things she’s never done before. She recently went to Park Hall Farm to milk a cow.

Anyway, the lovely Clare, who, by the way, has the most infectious, dirty laugh I have ever heard, accepted and also decided whilst she was here that she would interview me about my business. EEK!

Anyway, here are some pictures of Clare feeding the calves.


Clare trying to coax baby out of her pen.


OK, if you won’t come out, I’ll come in.


This calf was still very new and still with her mom but had a little top up.


I could really do with a bit more Aunty Clare. :-)

Then we popped into the house to wash hands and make tea and cut THE chocolate cake that I’d made specially for the occasion before  we headed down to the Old Cows Office for a chat and more giggles.


THE cake. :-)

The Old Cow’s Office

In a previous post I did mention that I have been given use of the Old Cow Office as a workshop/sewing room. It did need a lick of paint etc but finally I have finished it. I have moved most of my stuff over there now and have even sewn a new bunting for my soap business.




My new shelves.


Even got curtains. :-)


Getting creative now.


Two of the pennants for my new dragonfly bunting.


Finished bunting. looking rather good if I do say so myself.

Friday, 9 April 2010

New Book is Finally in Print

Well, as you all know, I was asked last year to write a book for beginners on soapmaking. This I duly did and after what feels like an eternity the book (actually there is a set of  six books in the series to start with) is now in print.

I have 3 copies here, one of which I will give to my mom, as without her generosity and support it may well have gone unwritten.



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