Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Are You Being Served?

Well, today I went for an interview at Marks and Sparks for a temporary Christmas job. Well after a a rather horrid role play assessment which I did absolutely awful at they offered me the job. It’s only for a month but guess which department it’s in? It’s right up my street an’ all. Yep, you’ve guessed LINGERIE, Mrs Slocombe eat your heart out.

There’s a faint resemblance. I don’t think. I wonder if my pussy will be OK??????


Lululiz said...

YAY, CONGRATULATIONS! I had no doubt at all that you would talk them into giving you a job. Well done, girl. and of course it would have to be lingerie, lol, nothing else would do for you ( Errmm, do you get a discount on any sexy little numbers? )

Hippy at Heart said...

Of course I get a discount on sexy little numbers madam, can I help you choose something then? Frills and lace I've no doubt. LOL

SoapyChica said...

Well done! I was going to ask if they give you a food discount- you can see where my priorities lie cant you? Good luck to you and your 'cat'


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