Saturday, 12 September 2009

Bits and Bats

Nothing in particular just some piccies I have taken today and recently. 


The view from my kitchen window – Grinshill.


A rose in my back garden.


Mossy – all grown up but can still get through the cat flap.



I have a plant in my back garden, it’s a sedum I think and it is just covered in butterflies, moths and bees, both honey and bumble bees.

Kilburn church tree

Kilburn, North Yorkshire.


Matlock Bath, Derbyshire

Some pictures taken whilst we were on holiday in Hereford this year.


Hereford, somewhere near where we stayed in our caravan.DSCF4698

DSCF4697 DSCF4713



Ledbury Church


Another bit of Ledbury church.




Lomond Soap said...

You take great pics Joy, these are lovely! Look at Moss, he looks full of trouble :)

Croap Queen said...

Lovely pics madam. Wish I had a view like that from my kitchen window.

Aww Mossy's all grown up.

Heart in the country said...

I love the pictures of Ledbury, the little alley ways are sweet, and there are some fab shops there. Did you visit Shanti Shanti, Tins smiths, can Ceci Paulo?

juanitatortilla said...

Hi there swap partner!
I hope you are as excited about Lululiz's rainbow/colour swap as I am!
Will be e-mailing you shortly. Hope to hear from you soon!

Chrissy said...

Lovely pics, nice to see all the small tortoiseshell butterflies together, I didn't think there had been too many of those. Looking at the wrong plant clearly ;)

Hippy at Heart said...

Chrissy, we have had loads of butterflies. That plant was covered in them. so was my buddleia earlier on as well. Maybe it's because I live on an organic farm I don't know.


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