Saturday, 29 August 2009

New Name and New Look – Dragonfly Dreams

After much deliberation I have decided to change the name of my soap business. The name Udderly Divine just wasn’t giving me the look and image I am now looking for so I have changed it to Dragonfly Dreams. Why this name I hear you ponder? Well, when we were on holiday down near Hereford a couple of weeks ago we met a beautiful dragonfly whilst we were just coming back onto the campsite and as plain as day Dragonfly Dreams popped into my head – maybe my angel whispered, well shouted to me  that this was to be the new name so Dragonfly Dreams it is.

I have a new logo and a new look to my soaps, well not the actual soap more the packaging.

So here is a sneak preview of my new packaging. I have yet to build a new website but I do have the domain name as a



Croap Queen said...

Love the name and the packaging is lovely. I know how hard you've worked on it and the effort was well worth it missus. Well done xx

Lomond Soap said...

Very nice Spud, liking the new look and new name. Can't wait to see it develop.
C x

Lululiz said...

Good lord, girl, I go away for a few weeks and you change everything! Love the new name though, defo appeals to my romantic nature.


PS, get online, you moo you

briallen said...

Goodly new name Joy, I like the new look (but I liked Udderly Divine also)

Bands for those boxes just fit nicely onto A4 - and I find it stops people at markets and fairs opening boxes at random to take a sniff ('cos they don't close them neatly).

Anonymous said...

You might want to reconsider the name change. That name has already been trademarked for a soap and bath product business.

Hippy at Heart said...

Pity who ever you are couldn't leave a name etc. How do I know you are for real?


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