Monday, 24 August 2009

The WOTs on Day Release - Festival of Quilts 2009

On Saturday I went with my friends – The Wots,  stands for the Witches of  Telford – to the NEC in Birmingham to The Festival of Quilts. I haven’t been to a quilt show for 3 years so it was a real treat for me to get back into it. There were some stunning pieces of art and some not so stunning pieces. Some were just pretty quilts and some were making statements, political or otherwise. I didn’t buy a catalogue so I have no idea which quilt belongs to what person/s but I thought you may enjoy seeing these works of art.

Credit goes to all those who entered and made a fabulous show.

In no particular order are some and I mean some of the quilts that were exhibited. My batteries died on my camera so I could have taken about as many again.



DSCF4735 DSCF4736

There are waaaaay too many pictures to put them all on my blog so please go and look at the album.

And just in case you may be wondering what WOT am I, I am WOT the hell!

Festival of Quilts Album


Croap Queen said...

Wow, I can see why you'd become ever so slightly addicted to quilting if you could produce things like those (which you can, madam).

I'd love to have not only the imagination, but the talent to do that - not that I've got the patience :-/

When you're planning a quilt, how do you begin to do it? Do you have an idea of what you want the finished quilt to look like and then work on the colours? Or do you work with the materials you have in your enormous stash and go from there?

Hippy at Heart said...

For me Your Maj, I get my inspiration from the fabric mostly but occasionally I see a pattern that I like and use that. I find the more I fret about my colour choices the worse I am but if I use instinct and fret less I usually end up with something I like.

Croap Queen said...

That makes sense I suppose. I think if you faff too much with anything it can go wrong (well, in my case anyway lol).

Lomond Soap said...

Some lovely stuff there Joy. I think I'm a bit do those fit on yer bed??

Hippy at Heart said...

Most of those 'quilts' wouldn't go on a bed corrie. They was a very high proportion of art quilts at this years show. There were a few bed quilts but most were art quilts to be displayed on ya wall. Not the sort of quilts you'd let your dog or cat sleep on.


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