Tuesday, 28 July 2009

New Fella in my Life

It has been a few years since I’ve had a new fella in my life. Now Ian, my other half is OK but I thought it was high time I had another guy as well. Anyway I found one, he’s 19 years old and really rather gorgeous. A bit of a hunk really and very gentle and quiet which is what  I need. Anyway, tonight I had my first date, we didn’t do much just plodded around the field in the rain but hey! I can still walk so I am happy about that. My new guy’s name is Harvey and he’s a Clydesdale, 16 hands high and belongs to Tom who has very kindly allowed me to ride him.Harvey the Clydesdale

Is he gorgeous or what? It has been 30 years since I rode on a regular basis so am expecting a sore behind for a while but so far so good.


Lululiz said...

Oh, he is indeed a very handsome chap and well worth getting a sore butt for.

Croap Queen said...

Very handsome. Does the new man in your life have all his own teeth at his age?


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