Friday, 17 July 2009

Girly Bag

OK, Ok, I know it’s been a while since I posted but I’m here now. I have finished a bag I was distracted by and no, this isn’t the ‘thing’ I was working on.

I was/am actually working on a table runner for a Christmas pressie but a gorgeous bag pattern dropped through my letter box and I just had to make it there and then.

The main rosey fabric is from Moda and is from the Paris Flea Market range of fabric and is designed 3 Sisters. The bag pattern is from Melly and Me.girly bag

It’s probably not a very practical colour but I do rather like it. What do you think?


Lululiz said...

What do I think? WHAT DO I THINK????
I think its blimming gorgeous and I want it, BADLY!!!

Hippy at Heart said...

La La liz, thou shalt not covet thy friend's bag. Oh! And by the way, your fluffety flowers would look rather nice on this bag.

Body Natural Soap said...

I love it.
Oh wait I ment to say I LOVE IT!!!

Hippy at Heart said...

Thank you both LaLaLiz and the lady from Body Natural soap for your kind comments about my bag. It is soo nice to get feedback on my ramblings and creations.


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