Sunday, 28 June 2009

Thanks Anne

Thanks to Anne from Bunny Tales I have installed Windows Live Writer so hopefully from now on my blogs might be more exciting. I am in the middle of doing something right now so will post later using Live Writer.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Odds and sods

Now not to be out done I too have been following Lucy's tutes on hexagons and granny squares. I just need more yarn to actually make something now but I am very pleased with how easy they are to do following Lucy's very easy tutorials on her blog.

I have also got a book on knitted and crocheted flowers from which I made the daisy.

Pressies for Moi

A couple of days after I moved to Lalaland, Shropshire branch, a couple of squishy pressies arrived in the post just for Moi. One came from Her Maj, the Croap Queen and the other from Madam Cholet. They are gorgeous, cute and all mine.

Thanks MC and Her Maj.

Clive Church

I had reason to go into the village of Clive on Monday and decided to have a look at the church, which is rather impressive with its tall spire. I believe the spire is a later addition to the original church. The churchyard itself is on the side of a hill so is a beggar to keep under control so I was told by the gentleman who has the job of keeping it in check. He does a fine job though.

Thanks Lizzie

My friend Madam Cholet aka Lizzie from Lalaland fame, has challenged me to write 6 unimportant things about me.

Here goes and not in any particular order either.
  1. I am a Star Trek addict. I love it, can't get enough of it.

  2. I love to read sci-fi/fantasy books. Lord of the Rings is my all time fave but will read anything along those lines. I have a soft spot for Anne McCaffrey's books.

  3. I am a patchwork magazine junkie. I love them and can't wait for them to arrive in the post. I buy mainly American and Australian ones as the UK produced ones are pretty naff.

  4. I love my teddy bears.

  5. I love to blow bubbles when I am feeling stressed or even when I'm not. It is so relaxing to watch those bubbles floating away on the wind. Sad I know but it's better than prozac.

  6. I love to be outside in nature. I love the sunsets, sunrises, the sea, fields, wild flowers, anything really.

  7. OK I know she only wanted 6 things but I've added 7. I love planes. Fast jets and air shows that sort of thing.

Effin Bag

I made a bag last week, I didn't really have the right interlining for it and used quilt wadding/batting that was way too thick. I am really disappointed with how it turned out. The pockets are way too small to be of any use and the handles need to be longer. I prefer handles that will go over your shoulder so this pattern will need adjusting to take that into account. The pattern itself is OK but the interlining really does need to be thinner.


After what seems like an eternity we finally have our internet connection at our new house. You don't realise how much you miss it until you don't have it.

Anyway, I haven't been idle. I've unpacked mostly, still have a few boxes that need sorting but due to a poorly hand and strict orders from the doctor I MUST REST it. Oh dear! What a shame, never mind. We have moved from a 3 bedroomed house with an attic to a 2 bedroomed one with no attic that we have access to. I have had to do some serious sorting out and an awful lot of stuff has gone or will be going to charity shops or boot fairs.

The lawn has been cut and the borders weeded by my gardeners (aka Dad and Step mom). I have inherited some nice plants in the garden most I recognise but one I don't and neither does my mom or dad and step mom so if any body does recogonise it please feel free to leave a comment.


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