Sunday, 17 May 2009

Pay and Die Day

This hill is far steeper than it looks in the photo.

Mud, mud, glorious mud.

One very bent exhaust pipe.

Please note: Mr S is very stuck at this moment in time. His front passenger side wheel is in a huge hole. I did try very hard not to laugh. I failed miserably.

Today, I went to a Pay and Play day with my other half and eldest son.

This is an activity that 4x4 er's do. They pay for the pleasure of having near death experiences.

A new site was sourced by the Corcer's (Central Offroad Club members) and apparently it's brilliant. My definition of brilliant and theirs don't quite match. My son went round with Ian on the first run. He did say it was brilliant but I did notice that he made a fast beeline for the loo on their return and chain smoked a few ciggies on his return.

I did go out for a turn but I honestly thought I was going to die so stood in the rain and drank coffee and cackled to the other women for a while before I went and sat back in my car and crocheted a flower. I got drenched, covered in mud and thoroughly peed off.

Ian bent his exhaust pipe and ended up having to cut it off with a hacksaw.

1 comment:

Croap Queen said...

Erm, not quite sure what part of the word "fun" comes into that for a day out. Pass, ta. I'll stick to staying indoors when it's peeing down rather than hurtling round a quarry/mudbath.


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