Sunday, 17 May 2009

Move to Shropshire

Bird feeders next door. Can't wait to see the size of their tits. LOL

Phallic symbols. Oooeerrr

The house, the whole house and nothing but the house.

The chimney, well one of them.

The back of the utility room.

The front garden and utility room.

Our bit of house.

As I mentioned in my last post we are moving to Shropshire. Yesterday we went over to have another look at the house and take the caravan into storage, put up a few curtains, OK 1 pair and generally have another look at the house. It is a beautiful mock Tudor/Elizabethan house that is divided into 2. We get the smaller half of the house that has unfortunately been neglected a bit especially outside. With a bit of elbow grease and a shovel and wheelbarrow it will soon look nice.

We met the neighbours and they seem really nice. They have their bit of garden absolutely gorgeous with the most enormous birdfeeders I have ever seen, 3 phallic symbols sprouting by the front door, a beautiful tinkling water feature and roses already out.

Anyway, we also learnt from Stuart, the relief milker, that there are some 'odd' neighbours up the field who don't seem to wear a lot of clothes. Oooeerr. Watch this space.

Anyway, I took a few pictures of the house and garden just so you can see what we will be living in.


Croap Queen said...

That looks very, very nice. I am jealous

Lululiz said...

lolol, you will be right in your element there then, phallic symbols, naked neighbours........

SoapyChica said...

Wow!!! Your own Elizabethan parlour! Will you be further or nearer to Tamworth then, cos my geography is lacking in the midlands. Glad its all looking so exciting for you!!

Hippy at Heart said...

Not sure really Soapy if I am closer or further away. I'll have to check.

briallen said...

Nice looking house!

(you're further away from Soapy but dual carriageway most of the way)


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