Sunday, 12 October 2008

Wedding Anniversary ditty

On the 7th October it is my wedding anniversary. My other half forgot, but then what's new? He can remember the date of his wedding anniversary to his first wife but not ours. Do I feel let down, hurt etc? Damn right I do but my friend Ruth decided to write me a little ditty to mark the occasion. And just for background info, we live on a farm.

Who's Slurry Now?
It is our Special Day todayI woke up full of joy
What would I get to celebrate
Chocs, flowers or a toy ?
I smiled and I waited
The day wore on and on
He never said a thing to me
Ate breakfast, then was gone
I went outside to find him
He was nowhere to be seen
Then I saw him in the distance
Hardly looking " Loves young dream
"His back was turned towards me
I was so angry I could spit
Crept up right behind him
And pushed him in the pit
Was this the thing to do ?
I listened to him scream
Watching as he struggled
I remembered we're a team
I grabbed him by the arm
And pulled him out the pit
Felt guilty that I pushed him in
Although he is a tit
I walked back to the farm
With my husband made of Poo
He said how much he loved me
I said " I love you too
"On the kitchen table Sat pressies just for Joy
He had put them there for her
Chocos , flowers and a toy.

The moral of this story
Don't be hasty in what you do
Don't push him in the pit
Just love him like you do

But I'd just like to point out there was no card, flowers, chocos or a toy in sight. He did take me out for a meal though.

Who says romance is dead, it was never alive in our relationship to start with.

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charlie said...

At least the poem must have cheered you up a bit. You must, of course, completely forget his next birthday.


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