Sunday, 12 October 2008

Off Roading

Just recently Mr S and myself went over to the Scarborough area for a small holiday, the fact that I was dying with 'Man Flu' is besides the point. We took our trusty caravan, which some pillock managed to reverse into whislt we were staionary at red traffic lights in Bedale, and parked her on a very nice Caravan Club site.

On this site thay have a small information hut and I was nosing around it one day, as you do, and found a leaftlet for Langdale Quest, which is a company that specialises in Off Roading experiences. So we went. It was a lot cheaper to use our vehicle.

Off we went, GPS, map and radio in hand around a route that was in reality a bit tame and not much of a challenge but it did take us through some lovely countryside that we wouldn't have normally seen if we'd not been 'off roading'. Most of the route was through the Dalby Forest area. I, being the navigator, had to radio in at every checkpoint to let them know where to find us in case we got lost but being a brill navigator we didn't.

There was one section where we had to go through a gate that was in a dip. It was very muddy and muggins here was the one that had to get out and open and close it 4 times, once going and again coming back. I got wet and muddy.

Note to self, buy a good sport's bra for next time or eye protection from bouncing boobs.

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Lomond Soap said...

Great pics Joy, looks like a riot :)
Can I suggest you add wellies to your shopping list?! Sports bra, lolol.
Beautiful countryside up there.


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