Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Spirit Dancer

I have a very special friend called Dennis. I can't pronounce his given name so I won't even try. He is a Navajo Native American and a truely wonderful dancer. I met Dennis a few years ago when he was over in the UK doing a tour, we have remained friends since. Anyway, Dennis tours frequently with a group called Blackhawk and dances a dance for them called Spirit Dancer. This is an exceptionally sad song as it was written for a member of the band who died of melanoma. I only have to hear this song and I can see Dennis as plain as day dance to this. So very moving and yes, I cry everytime.

In early 1999 BlackHawk founding member Van Stephenson was diagnosed with melanoma, the most severe form of skin cancer. Before his passing in 2001 his dying wish to Henry and Dave was that the band continue on, saying "there's a lot more music left in BlackHawk."

Go to their website and click on Van's charity link to hear a snippet of this wonderful song.

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Croap Queen said...

Good for them trying to raise awareness & money for cancer research. I can't hear anything when I click on the link though which is a shame.


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