Monday, 30 June 2008

New Mobile Soap Demonstration Unit

Last week Mr S decided he wanted another new toy to play with. Something has been mentioned about needing it for holidays etc. Secretly though it will be my new Mobile Soap Demonstration Unit. It even comes complete with an awning so I can flog, sorry sell soap from it.
It needs a few little jobs doing on it to make it completely water proof etc. but that won't take Mr S long. Wish he would make make my new soap moulds with the same enthusiasm.

The shelf at the front of the caravan is totally rotten, only the pretty wood effect plastic is holding it together so Mr S has had to take it out. This has not been an easy job but he has managed it. 5 gold stars and a Blue Peter badge for this. This shelf is actually part of the caravan structure and not just a shelf. The front skins of the caravan actually nail into this shelf so for structural integrity this job has had to be done. Secretly Mr S has enjoyed doing this, he likes tinkering. There's plenty of wood left for a new soap moulds or 3.

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