Monday, 30 June 2008

Soap Logs

Vanilla Spice.

Castile type, Vanilla Spice, Bee Happy - orange and honey and Rosehip and Geranium.

Bee Happy

Castile Type, no fragrance, no colour.

Hen Pecked.

Rosehip and Geranium.

A week last Sunday I asked my Soap Witch to batter the hell out of the Soap Pixies with her broom so I could have a day of soaping without any disasters. Well Bundy did good and kept them at bay for me. I made 5 soaps that all worked as expected. I made a Castile type soap with a 30% water discount, first time I've ever tried that. A Orange and Honey soap coloured with calendula petals, a trial batch of a new FO, coloured with cinnamon, a vanilla one and rosehip and geranium. Not sure if I like the last one but it smells good.

New Mobile Soap Demonstration Unit

Last week Mr S decided he wanted another new toy to play with. Something has been mentioned about needing it for holidays etc. Secretly though it will be my new Mobile Soap Demonstration Unit. It even comes complete with an awning so I can flog, sorry sell soap from it.
It needs a few little jobs doing on it to make it completely water proof etc. but that won't take Mr S long. Wish he would make make my new soap moulds with the same enthusiasm.

The shelf at the front of the caravan is totally rotten, only the pretty wood effect plastic is holding it together so Mr S has had to take it out. This has not been an easy job but he has managed it. 5 gold stars and a Blue Peter badge for this. This shelf is actually part of the caravan structure and not just a shelf. The front skins of the caravan actually nail into this shelf so for structural integrity this job has had to be done. Secretly Mr S has enjoyed doing this, he likes tinkering. There's plenty of wood left for a new soap moulds or 3.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Poor Quality Staff!

We are short of staff at the mo on the farm so it's all hands to the deck but unfortunately some members of the team just can't be relied upon to do their fair share of the work.

Today our newest member was caught napping on the job and when I tackled him about it he didn't seem in the slightest bit bothered, he promptly stretched out and fell sound asleep. He was supposed to be in charge of the Matbro, picture above so y'all know what a responsible job that is. What are we to do? Give him a warning or sack him outright?

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Amber Valley

I live in an area of Derbyshire called the Amber Valley. I think it is a beautiful name for a place and as amber is my favourite semi precious stone, I can't think of a nicer place to live. It is also very rich in history which I'll post about later on but for now here is a picture of my soap named after the area in which I live - Amber Valley.

The fragrance is called Amber Romance and smells like this. Rich, sultry amber base notes, blended with wild vanilla orchid. Middle notes of pineapple, plum, and black currant are rounded out with hints of jasmine, violet and cherry. Not an overpowering fragrance, more sutle and sultry. Lovely.

Fairy Wings

Another soap made with a sample, also very nice. Supposed to smell a bit like the Fantasy perfume by Brit Spears, but not knowing what that smells like I can't make a comparison. It is a nice smell though so shall also add this to my range.

Mary, Mary quite contrary............

Update picture of my herb garden. I had to take some drastic action with slug pellets early on but it does seem to have grown quite well.

Crystal Magic

I made a lovely soap the other day from a sample that I asked for. It is called Crystal Magic and has a gorgeous delicate fragrance, almost like a butterfly kiss.

I shall add this one to my range. It soaped very well and I had no nasty surprises with this fragrance.

Monday, 2 June 2008

What is This Life If Full of Care?

I have a fondness for creating images using my photos and a variety of other things, so I have decided to share some with you.

This is a photo I took of Mr S at the top of one the Malvern Hills, I turned it into an aged newspaper look and then added the poem, which is very apt for Mr S as he never stands still for very long.


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