Thursday, 20 March 2008

Strange goings on.

Now Simon, the boss's lad, is a very nice, quiet young man but like me, is a Star Trek fan(atic). Now he's trying to make every one believe that he's repairing farm equipment etc. but I have sussed him out. He's making a space ship. I'll have to follow him and see where he's planning to put the launch site. I have a photo to prove it.

When I go outside again I've noticed that a second 'ship' has appeared. They are now sporting logos on their sides. Who's he kidding? Repairing farm equipment my eye.


Croap Queen said...

Personally I'd have painted those spaceships pink (with a darker nose cone) to disguise them a bit better :-)

Hippy at Heart said...

I'm a bit short on pink paint lol. Found the launch pad though.

Corrie. said...

I'd love to see you sitting astride one of those "space rockets" :-)


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