Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Soap, soap and more soap.

For those of you who don't know me I make soap. I am addicted to making soap. I have tons of the stuff and never need to buy another bar ever again. Yesterday I made 2 batches, one called Celtic Forest and the other Black Magic. The Celtic Forest is gorgeous, looks lovely, smells lovely and the Black Magic, well it smells gorgeous but looks a tad ....... interesting. I need to work on making soap black. :-)
The top soap is the black one, well it's black in my dreams, more of a marbly green, but if you shut your eyes and look at it it's black. OK?
I make soap using the cold process method and occasionally have a go at hot process. I am in the process of being certified, well my soaps are, I was certified years ago.
I also make quilts and bags and more quilts and cover flower pots with fabric and make quilts and other things with fabric. I am addicted to fabric as well as soap. And I'm addicted to Star Trek especially Deep Space Nine.

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