Friday, 7 March 2008

Health Farm Update

Well, plans for the health farm are going well. I have had a consignment of slippers for the girls to wear around the place. I have already got 3 bookings possibly 4 but now they are fighting about who is sleeping where. They all want to sleep in the calf pen with Tiny as she gets room service. Looks like I'll need to order more bales of hay, cheaper than sheets anyway.

I have had requests for silver slippers and slippers with different coloured feathers, slippers in a size 3. Jeez, there is no pleasing some people. Calf pen is going to have to be enlarged as well.


Croap Queen said...

Hee hee. Gotcha!

helen said...

Remember, I bagged the silver slippers and the most comfy corner in T's pen. Don't forget!!

Corrie. said...

What you doing with my wellies, err slippers?

Hippy at Heart said...

Now girls. I have enough wellies, slippers for all of you. lol


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