Thursday, 20 March 2008

Strange goings on.

Now Simon, the boss's lad, is a very nice, quiet young man but like me, is a Star Trek fan(atic). Now he's trying to make every one believe that he's repairing farm equipment etc. but I have sussed him out. He's making a space ship. I'll have to follow him and see where he's planning to put the launch site. I have a photo to prove it.

When I go outside again I've noticed that a second 'ship' has appeared. They are now sporting logos on their sides. Who's he kidding? Repairing farm equipment my eye.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

I beg your pardon.

Well, my mom has been up to stay for a few days and we have managed to create a herb garden. I've never had one of those before and it's quite exciting. I just hope the herbs don't die on me. I have planted a few other bits and pieces in amongst the herbs and I'm really looking forward to having some fresh herbs to pick and use to disguise my burnt offerings, err, flavour my cooking. I just need to grow some garlic next. :-)

I don't have very green fingers but maybe with a bit of practice I'll develop some. :-) or I'll have to dye them.

Further update

Well, Tiny is now 2 weeks old and doing very well. She has gone onto powdered milk now. She has grown a fair bit but is still very small. She is full of life and mischief. I think that's what she should have been called. Miss Chief. She has officially been named after me but I'm not sure of her full pedigree name. Watch this space.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Health Farm Update

Well, plans for the health farm are going well. I have had a consignment of slippers for the girls to wear around the place. I have already got 3 bookings possibly 4 but now they are fighting about who is sleeping where. They all want to sleep in the calf pen with Tiny as she gets room service. Looks like I'll need to order more bales of hay, cheaper than sheets anyway.

I have had requests for silver slippers and slippers with different coloured feathers, slippers in a size 3. Jeez, there is no pleasing some people. Calf pen is going to have to be enlarged as well.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Cowabunga Health Farm

I have decided to open a health farm. I can offer a variety of treatments depending upon your requirements.

I have a basement room, that is multifunctional, it can be a refuge for people who need an escape from ironing, no sockets down there. It can also be an indoor swimming pool complete with spa mud. It has also been known to house 'other equipment'.

I can offer 'cow lick' exfoliations - not for the feint hearted, 'cow wee' sinus/nasal clearings and finally I can offer 'calf-o-suction'. You'd be amazed at just how much bum cheek will fit into a calf's mouth when you are bent over bottle feeding Tiny. I now have a left bum cheek like Kylie's and the right bum cheek still resembles Dawn French's.

For further details email me.

Blue Moo-n soap

I forgot to add a photo of my Blue Moo-n soap when I cut it, so here it is.

It does smell really rather lovely.

Tiny update

Tiny is bouncing this morning. Full of beans and guzzling her milk like it's going out of fashion. I hope this is how it's going to be. She is so cute with her cute little pink nose. Gone all gooey now. Arhhh!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Soap, soap and more soap.

For those of you who don't know me I make soap. I am addicted to making soap. I have tons of the stuff and never need to buy another bar ever again. Yesterday I made 2 batches, one called Celtic Forest and the other Black Magic. The Celtic Forest is gorgeous, looks lovely, smells lovely and the Black Magic, well it smells gorgeous but looks a tad ....... interesting. I need to work on making soap black. :-)
The top soap is the black one, well it's black in my dreams, more of a marbly green, but if you shut your eyes and look at it it's black. OK?
I make soap using the cold process method and occasionally have a go at hot process. I am in the process of being certified, well my soaps are, I was certified years ago.
I also make quilts and bags and more quilts and cover flower pots with fabric and make quilts and other things with fabric. I am addicted to fabric as well as soap. And I'm addicted to Star Trek especially Deep Space Nine.

Tiny, our premature calf.

On Sunday, Mother's Day, one of our cows gave birth to a Holstein calf. She is a month early and so very tiny but she is doing OK. Quite lively and feisty so hopefully she will be just fine.

I am feeding her 3 times a day at the moment and she certainly has a good suck.

I'll post her progress here regularly.


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